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I ordered a pair of shoes from and discovered that they were too small for me. Their return policy page stated that for exchanges, "Simply place a new order for the different size, color or style you want and return the original order to us using our return label. We highly suggest placing the new order right away to ensure stock availability." I followed their directions accordingly and ordered a new pair in a bigger size while the old ones were being processed for return (by the way, return shipping was $5, even though most major online shoe sites offer free return shipping).

They came back to me and said the shoes were too damaged for a refund. I had tried them on for a total of two minutes in a carpeted room. How damaged could they possibly be? I called customer service and tried to point out that I had only ordered the second pair on their recommendation. Otherwise, I would've waited for the exchange to go through first. Customer service guy completely ignored this point and spent ten minutes reading their return policy out loud to me. In fact, he pretty much ignored everything I said and just continued to read the policy.

Additionally, they were now demanding $15 for them to ship the shoes back to me - shoes that had been free to ship in the first place and $5 to ship back. Are you kidding me? We asked that that charge at least be taken off. They refused.

All in all, terrible customer service, ridiculous fees, and now I've been scammed into purchasing two pairs of the same shoe from them.

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They don't do simple size exchanges if that item is on sale, which is absolutely ridiculous.I will NEVER buy shoes from them again because of this.

If you're in the business of selling shoes, you should ALWAYS allow size exchanges, regardless of "sales" or not. I actually had the girl on the phone tell me that "because it was such a good deal, I could probably make money off the shoe by selling it on eBay." Yeah, because that's what I want to do, waste my time trying to sell their shoes because they have a lack of customer service. I honestly could care less that it's a family run business. If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta offer the same stuff that they offer, and I really don't think that size exchanges for SHOES is too ridiculous.

Besides, they would already have made me pay to return them, so it wouldn't have cost them ANYTHING to do this for me, and they would have gained a happy customer. I thought the point of going to a smaller, "FAMILY RUN" business was the great customer service you're supposed to receive. Not the case with Solestruck.

The girl I spoke to on the phone was an absolute wretch.I should have caught her name but then I decided I didn't much care.


I had the exact same thing happen!I ordered a pair of shoes, opted for regular shipping and they sent me a)the wrong pair and b)charged me for express...I had to return and reorder, only to not be refunded.

So pissed.Never again.


Something similar happened to me.They shipped wrong shoes so I had to pay shipping out of own pocket.

They send me my size with express shipping for $30 and charged me for it when I never asked for express..paying for their mistake! I will post my reviews soon.

I always shop online and never have been so unsatisfied.Do not shop at solestruck.


We are sorry this customer was not happy, but we sent out a pair of shoes in brand new condition and the customer returned the shoes in significantly worn condition. We just can't refund on worn or damaged items. Our return policy is very simple and clearly states this on Amazon, on our site, and on our invoice included in the box. We are very proud that we maintained a 100% approval rating on Amazon for the last 30 days with 96% for the last two years. We do this for a living, are small family owned, and really appreciate that our customers love how we do business. Though this customer requested us to just take the loss on the shoes, that's really tough for us because we are a small family-run business.



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